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Maroz Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated under the Company Act 1965 as a private company on 9 July 1986. The company is at present operated by Datuk Haji Maideen b Kadir Shah. On 24 September 1988, Maroz Sdn Bhd was renamed Maroz Tailoring Sdn. Bhd.

During its early operation, Maroz Tailoring only focused on making exclusive clothings. 15 years later, Maroz Tailoring expanded its business and operation in supplying clothing to the corporate sectors, government agencies and non-government organizations.


Be a part of excellent & famous Bumiputra Company in produce high quality clothes and fulfill the domestic & international market demand.


Give a high quality, efficient, faster tailoring service and fulfill the customer needs

About Company

Maroz Tailoring Sdn. Bhd. started its business by offering tailoring services to walk-in customers. Throughout the years, Maroz Tailoring aimed to provide high quality services and moved aggressively by introducing new marketing strategies making Maroz Tailoring one of the best clothing and tailoring business empires. This has led Maroz Tailoring to become popular and trusted by customers from all around the country.

With the company’s dedicated manpower equipped with technical knowledge and skills, Maroz Tailoring is focusing on expanding its business to cater the needs of the customers, as it is the company’s main goal to increase the customers’ satisfaction and productivity.

For 30 years, Maroz has been “Your Personal Tailor”. Yet, today, on its 30th anniversary, Maroz Tailoring continues to grow by venturing into more challenging businesses aiming to become “The People’s Choice”.